Cameleo Coloring Shampoo Instructions

Cameleo Coloring Shampoo Instructions. Spread evenly and massage in until foam is formed. This product is not for persons under the age of 16!

Chameleon Color Tones 5 Pen Cool Tones Chameleon color
Chameleon Color Tones 5 Pen Cool Tones Chameleon color from

Indications 🌸 pour about 2 litres of water to the bowl. They believe that even the most creative and daring ideas can really happen on your hair! To use keune color chameleon:

They Are Washable From 4 To 6 Washes.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Color and moisturise your hair in one wash! 🌸 use the toner dissolved in water to rinse your hair.

Let It Sit For 5 Minutes For A Really Soft Colour Or 30 Minutes For A More Intense Colour.

Develop for 20 minutes, or 30 minutes for more vibrancy and intensity. 🌸 add about 1 tablespoon of hair toner. Apply the necessary amount of shampoo to wet hair, foaming, thoroughly rinsed with water.

Spread Evenly And Massage In Until Foam Is Formed.

🌸 use after bath onto wet hair, do not rinse your hair off afterwards. To use keune color chameleon: The effect is gradually washable, and the intensity of the shade depends on you!

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Always Conduct An Allergy Test 48 Hours Before Use;

Henna color herbal colouring balm created for people who care for healthy, shiny hair. It provides a beautiful and radiant color. Always before use, conduct a skin sensitivity test, even if you have previously used the product.

Fast Method For Colour Refreshment Between Dying Or Tone Change.

For a more intense shade, the application time can be extended to 45 minutes in total. £1.87 + £12.97 p&p + £12.97 p&p + £12.97 p&p. Cameleo neon color off shampoo specially formulated formula, neon color off shampoo accelerates the fade of neon paints to allow you to change colors when you want without borders.

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