List Of Coloring Book Corruption Ideas

List Of Coloring Book Corruption Ideas. Adults really know how to make it all very corrupted. 38 pages from a coloring book for adults.

Guest Post Pin It Coloring Book Corruptions
Guest Post Pin It Coloring Book Corruptions from

Because why would a teddy bear peacefully hold a doll. A girl's gotta have something to keep her entertained in a tower. Example of coloring book corruption, with pumbaa and timon.

Ariel’s Most Promising Found Objects Lesson To Date.

Corrupting the innocent world of children's coloring books one page at a time. See more ideas about corrupt coloring book, coloring books, adult coloring books. You can submit your own coloring book corruption online.

25 Coloring Book Images Made Horrifyingly Funny.

Ariel discovers the dark side of ditching the fin. Instead, they use their skills to corrupt the innocent images into something only a naughty mind could. 23 examples of adults f*cking up coloring books.

From The Coloring Book Corruptions Site, The Coloring Book Misconduct Subreddit And The Coloring Book Corruptions Tumblr, These Are The Best Of The Best Of What People Have Had To Offer As Far As Evil Versions Of Children's Characters Go.

Example of coloring book corruption, with pumbaa and timon. Break out your crayons, kids, because it’s time to color up some human sacrifice and bdsm! This artist is surely very creative.

A Collection Of Illustrations From Children's Coloring Books That Have Been Garbled And Corrupted By Darkly Funny Adults, From Coloring Book Corruptions.

And today's adults want to color in coloring books. These artists have taken cartoon images and corrupted them into malevolent, yet hilarious versions instead. Visit the post for more.

Coloring Book Corruptions Is Demented Goodness.

#3 mickey visits fantasia yet again. #4 cinderella discovers there's more than one way to deal with evil step sisters. Check out some examples below.

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